Who am i,
But a passing speck of dust
With water turned clay,

Crowned by gifts of His Knowledge And Wisdom,
To bask in countless Blessings,
Night and day.
Who am i,
But a being made human,
Honored by The Loving Breath
Of The Lord,

Sent from heaven temporarily
To inhabit and travel the earth
Returning to Him young or old.
Who am i,
But a poor seeker
With a yearning soul,

That longs for His Love and Peace
Through presence with Al Wadud -
The Loving One - Best Companion of all.
Who am i,
​​​​​​​But a humble soul
With a pen cruising,

Weaving thoughts in rhyming words,
For whoever hears my musing.

Poem and Photo: Maissa Hamed ©

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