A Moulid Gift

The Lights of your Moulid tonight dawned on earth,
With a crescent marking the month of your blessed birth.

May your Lights rain blessings from High,
Lifting souls and pleasing every eye.

Your luminous being will eternally guide,
Lovers spread far and wide.

The honour is ours to greet you with salam,
O humanity’s best Imam.

Tribulations we suffer, are nothing to what was weighed on you,
Your faith and patience set the example as you passed through.

Your remembrance feels like a warm embrace,
As we imagine the most beautiful face.

Today, the full moon has risen to mark your blessed birth.
With your mention we are forgiven, as your light fills the earth.

Our hearts rejoice inside, as your honored self we praise,
A deep love we cannot hide, of your impeccable manners and eloquent ways.

Friday, is our weekly date when our deeds to you are shown,
Ask for forgiveness for our state and to your blessed being make us drawn.

Am bereft of words to describe my love,
But Lord of the Worlds Knows from the Heavens above.
 | In Honor of the Blessed birth of Prophet Muhammad pbuh,
Celebrated on 12th Rabi ul Awwal yearly - Lunar Calendar |

Poem and Photo: Maissa Hamed ©

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