A self asked, “I don’t see happiness around me!" 

A voice gently whispered, “you are looking
In the wrong place.”

Puzzled, the self asked, “where do I look then,
I have looked for long?”

The voice gently said, “there is one place,
Where happiness lies, where God dwells and 
Brings His Light to get you out of all darknesses.”

The self more bewildered said,
 “And where is that place, please take me there.”

The voice calmly said “I can’t take you,
As this is a journey only you can make, 
I can only guide you to get there. 
The place is in the universe of your heart. 
Take the path of gratitude to get there, 
As you journey, 
Happiness will be there to greet you.  
But don’t wait,
There is not enough time. The path is gratitude.”

As the voice faded away the self kept hearing the voice whispering gently,
 “The path is gratitude. The path is gratitude. The path is gratitude. 
Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah”, 

Poem and Photo: Maissa Hamed ©

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