Soothing and calming amidst the tornado of our collective individual trials are these Love Poems For Pandemic Times and Beyond: A Sufi Perspective - a most timely anthology of spiritual poems, wisdom-infused with universal appeal and contemporary relevance to our turbulent Pandemic-stricken times. The third book by the Poet, Maissa Hamed, who in this anthology transports readers to an oasis of tranquility during this climate of physical, social and spiritual distancing, with thought-provoking poems that invite readers to join the poet on a spiritual journey of self-reflection. Each poem reveals subtly embedded Islamic wisdoms which quench the thirst of tired souls in a universal language - the language of Love - the heart of the Islamic Sufi tradition. Words flow with effortless ease to elucidate noble universal teachings that elevate the soul during its earthly struggles in an increasingly materialistic world. The rhythms and rhymes reverberate in the heart and mind of the reader creating a transformative wondrous feeling that touches the soul at its deepest level, leaving readers infused with a gentle dose of much-needed spiritual nourishment, while reading the magnificence of the universe as the first step towards engaging with The Magnificence of its Creator. The marriage of word rhythms and imagery is pure aesthetic indulgence bringing readers much-sought serenity in such unsettling times.
Spiritually profound, infused by timeless Islamic wisdoms and delicately woven with lyrical rhythmic beauty and often nostalgic, are these transformative Sufi poems that make up this anthology by Maissa Hamed - From One Lover's Heart To Another; Forty Sufi Poems. Trained in Sufism - the mystical tradition of Islam - the poet brings to blossom the inner workings of the soul as it transcends and transforms along the spiritual path of Love. Powerful in their mystical teachings and practical in their relevance to contemporary life, these poems and their subtle spiritual messages are a shimmering light that guides readers of all ages on their journeys in search of a meaningful spiritual existence in an increasingly materialistic world. The anthology is steeped in the sublime message of love brought by the Holy Qur'an and the deep-seated wisdoms of the sayings -Ahadith- of Prophet Muhammad, pbuh. The glossary at the end is a gift of knowledge - defining various Arabic terms used in the text. This book was included as a yearly textbook for the Twelfth-grade Poetry curriculum at the Rudolf Steiner School of New York City after a generous book signing arranged by the school as part of their 2019 Poetry Cafe.
The Last Night of Ramadan was born in an attempt to contribute towards the advancement of knowledge and peace among the global community and to cultivate a true understanding of Islam and Muslims -- devoid of misconceptions. The book is an excellent medium for western families who wish to understand and learn about Islam and the Muslim culture through an examination of the significance of one of the key Islamic celebrations observed by Muslims. It is also a great medium to reinforce what Muslim children may already know about their own faith. Readers will come to identify similarities that unite believers of all faiths particularly the three Abrahamic faiths -- Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The book was published by Steiner Books, and several puppet shows were arranged yearly with the author, for students of the Rudolf Steiner School of New York City, in honor of the blessed month of Ramadan.
“Read ! In the Name of your God the Creator (1) Who created man from a clod (2) Read ! for your God, Most Magnanimous, (3) with the pen (4) Has taught man what he did not know then. (5)”  The Holy Quran 96:1-5.
 Translation: Hamid and Hamed, Meaning of The Holy Quran Translated into English, Dar EL Shourouk Press, Cairo, 2011.

Finally and for the first time, a most timely translation of the Holy Qur'an by two scholars of a native Arabic mother - tongue is available, which takes into consideration the most attractive and spellbinding nature of the Arabic text, its beautiful rhythm and rhyme which have captured people's hearts since it was revealed over 1400 years ago and until today. A monumental work that was started by the distinguished scholar and Cambridge graduate, the late Professor Ahmad Hamid in 1933, who translated a fifth of the Qur'an before his death in 1951. It was his son, the distinguished scholar and Graduate of the Post Graduate Medical School of London, Professor Mohamed Hamed, who brought the Work to its completion in 2011. Professor Mohamed Hamed's daughter, Maissa Hamed, Poet and Founder of Enjoy Islam has been heavily involved in assisting with this mighty endeavor. 

Besides their Arabic mother-tongue, both scholars are extremely very well-versed in the English language, its literature, poetry and have been internationally recognized in their own fields. Educated in their home country, and the West, they naturally have a foothold in both worlds. Through their study, in their early years, of the Old and New Testament, they have developed an analytical and comparative attitude towards the understanding of the three Abrahamic monotheistic faiths of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. As a result of this linguistic, literary and theological background, they have both vowed to produce for the non-Arabic speaking world, a translation of the Holy Qur'an that would uniquely provide an interpretation of its meanings, while maintaining the beautiful musicality that is a major factor of appeal in the Arabic text. Thus this translation of theirs attempts to convey, not only the meaning but also the spirit of the Holy Qur'an.

The late Prof Ahmad Hamid (1892 - 1951) was born in Cairo to Hamed Bey Mahmoud, Egypt’s Chief Chancellor, Court of Appeal, in the year 1908. Hamed Bey Mahmoud was doubly qualified in Medicine from Cairo University and in Law from France in 1879. His son, Prof Hamid, the Founding Professor of Microbiology in Egypt, after graduating with distinction in 1915, from Kasr-Al-Ainy School of Medicine, Cairo, was sent in 1919 to Cambridge University, England, to acquire his Ph.D. in Natural Sciences. Despite his religious upbringing, his studies at Cambridge led him to a scientific turmoil, where the study of Charles Darwin's book on the "Origin of Species" was still being propounded. It was the chanting of the laymen workers during their prayers in Ramadan in his house, that ultimately swung the pendulum back to full belief, resulting in him initiating this monumental Work in 1933 and a passion to bring it in English to the Non-Arabic speakers of the world. After translating nearly fifth of the Holy Qur'an, he died in October 1951.

His son, The late Prof. Mohamed Hamed (1928 - 2022) also a Cairene was  Emeritus Prof of Paediatrics and Consultant Paediatrics Cardiologist, Medical Military Academy where he presided during 1984-1986. He was founding President, Egyptian Society of Paediatric Cardiologists 1995-98 and was as a result of his work on this translation, nominated in 2002, to become a Scholarly Consultant to the distinguished Arabic Language Academy in Cairo, a position he occupied until he passed away on Friday, 25 February 2022. Prof Hamed's medical career was punctuated by 110 research publications, supervision of numerous MSc and MD theses at different Universities. He was Editor of several Journals (African Journal of Cardiology 1985-88, Egyptian Heart Journal 1987-97, Egyptian Hypertension Society Newsletter 1994-97) among many others.

From 1996 – 2004, he resumed his father’s unfinished work on this translation, where he was faced with the daunting task of completing the remaining four-fifths of the Holy Qur'an. His studies of the Old and New Testament throughout the nine years of his scholastic career, at the English Mission College in Cairo and being examined regularly in the Scriptures as a compulsory subject, gave him a golden chance for comparative theology-an opportunity he well utilized in the completion of this work. Prof. Hamed's passion for the English language, its literature and poetry have also been most contributory. Prof. Hamed received numerous National and International Awards of Excellence and Distinction for his lifetime work and distinguished contributions. He was featured in numerous radio and T.V interviews. He was featured as well in several journals and magazines nationally and internationally

The late Prof. Mohamed Hamed left behind an ever-lasting legacy that had far-reaching effects on the hearts of thousands of Arabic and Non-Arabic speakers around the world, whose hearts he touched with this work and with his incredibly gifted personality. A truly remarkable man - Pediatric Cardiologist, Scientist, Academician, Scholar, Lover of Poetry, Literature, Music, Photography, father and teacher to many whose hearts he touched with his ethics and exemplary personality. May they both rest in eternal peace and may this work intercede on their behalf as they departed this world into the next. Ameen.

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