Who Enters The Garden?
When during His Remembrance – Dhikr –
You find yourself praying for those who wronged you,
Then you have been cleansed.

When your forbearance prevents you
From being angered by that which is provocative,
Then you have been strengthened.

When instead of finding faults with others,
You look inside to examine your own,
Then you have been enlightened.

When in rough times, you treat yourself
By running to Him for Madad, heavenly aid,
Then you have been guided.

When at the height of your success,
You recall His blessings on you - external and internal –
Then you have been humbled.

When content with little you become,
And you free yourself from the bonds of transient material attachments,
Then you have been enriched.

When at all times,
You are continuously in thanks, your heavenly gifts will last,
Then you have been counted among the grateful.

When in the company of His lovers,
You delight,
Then you have been protected.

When you honor the rights of others,
As you honor your own,
Then you have been just.

When your tongue is kept moist
With His Remembrance,
Then you have been saved.

When you prefer silence over obscene talk,
Or meaningless conversation,
Then you have been counted among the righteous.

When your love for His beloved Muhammad, pbuh
Exceeds all other loves except Him,
Then you have been beautified.

When your heart is engaged with His love,
Then you have been elevated,
To the state of being a beloved.

When you have reached all the above states,
Then you will enter
The Garden.

Poem and Photo: Maissa Hamed ©

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