Segment of a handmade Prayer Carpet with silver threading adorning the Tulip Turkish motif. Photo: Maissa Hamed ©
Segment of a handmade Prayer Carpet with silver threading adorning the Tulip Turkish motif. Photo: Maissa Hamed ©
My husband and I feel very lucky to have found the Enjoy Islam classes  for our children. The care, thought and reverence that pervade each class is phenomenal. It is just not about putting in an hour to learn about the stories from the Qur'an or memorize a few Surahs, but for that 1 hour and 15 mins our children, truly live, breathe and feel what it means to be a Muslim and learn what our beautiful religion is at its very core. The puppet shows, in particular, are an ingenious way to engage younger children. Best of all the classes are very interactive and so you can be sure that the children are actively engaged! Sana Shah - Parent, beginners’ class 2022
Enjoy Islam has been a wonderful class for my daughter. I wish I had started sooner. Having sat through the classes on several occasions, I was impressed with the founder’s interactive and enormously fun teaching method. The use of puppets, stories and poems to permanently etch important stories into the children’s minds is simply genius. I never thought my daughter would learn so much in such a short span of time. My daughter is able to recite Surahs with a beautiful accent and also knows the meaning behind each of them. I highly recommend this class Sanam Lakhani  - Parent, beginners’ class 2022
Enjoy Islam classes are a true reflection of a unique curriculum and outlook on teaching our beautiful religion.  The classes skillfully balance the teachings of the Qur'an and Ahadith, which can be difficult for a non-native Arabic speaker like my daughter, with creative art and thoughtful discussions that keep her engaged and motivated. We absolutely love the classes! Mona Soliman - Parent for several years in children and teens classes - 2022
Enjoy Islam classes have been a critical part of my children’s love and learning of Islam. My three sons have been students of Enjoy Islam for years and the effects have been a wonderful integration of our values with deep learning and words and actions modeled by the amazing example of the Founder.  I am truly blessed to have found Enjoy Islam many years ago. Fatima Shama Mansouri - NY-based Nonprofit CEO, Parent for several years in children and teens classes - 2022
Enjoy Islam has been an incredible experience for both my girls (ages 17 and 9) that helped guide them to their spiritual paths and awakened a deep appreciation for Islam.  Shazia Khawaja - Parent for several years in children and teens classes - 2021
We feel very fortunate to have found Enjoy Islam, which has been instrumental in both our children's spiritual education. Our daughter has been a student for many years and our son just completed his first year. The teaching style has worked really well for our children which utilizes a story-telling approach that engages students of all ages. The mix of fun activities like Islamic arts and crafts was very appealing to both my children who have enjoyed them immensely. My children always look forward to Islam class and we are so grateful to Enjoy Islam for keeping our children interested and engaged! Ammara Yaqub, Parent for several years in children and teens classes - 2019
He loved the class, can’t wait to come back. I’m so glad we started. Parent, beginners’ class 2019 Thank you Enjoy Islam! She had the best time and has been telling us all she learned. She loves her tasbih and shared the cookie with her brother when she came home.  Parent, beginners’ class 2019 The girls loved the class. My mother-in-law loved it too! I will attend next week. Girls can’t wait for next class. Parent, beginners’ class  2019
Getting introduced to the wonderful Enjoy Islam classes  for beginner children has been one of the best things to happen to us. We have been living overseas now for five years, and we have been struggling to find a place where our children could learn to love Islam. While there are many options for the children to memorize Qur'an, we couldn't find a place that would teach Islam within our children's hearts. Until we came across Enjoy Islam! which was able to accomplish this love for Islam from our very first session. Our children fell in love with the classes, and with Islam. We cherish and devour each session deep within us, and remember the beautiful words and tunes of its Founder throughout our daily lives. There’s nothing more we can ask for. May God always bless us with amazing finds like Enjoy Islam -  always committed to making this world a better place. Anonymous 2014
My son Adam has been taking Enjoy Islam classes for beginner children now for about a year. As parents, you want your children to not only learn about their religion but to love learning about it. Enjoy Islam has done this. For an active 10-year-old who has trouble sitting through lessons, he attends each class with great enthusiasm. We are so pleased with the amount of Qur'an and history of Islam he has learned in a short time. The creativity of the lessons is very impressive and the kindness and patience exhibited really motivate Adam to do his best. Mona Soliman 2014
My daughter Jannah is currently eight yrs old and she joined Enjoy Islam three years ago and since then she has been hooked. To her, Enjoy Islam classes is one of the most interesting and engaging extracurricular classes she attends outside of school. She loves it and wouldn't miss it for anything. Between learning rules of Arabic calligraphy, rules of grammar, meaning of Qur'anic suras, ahadeeth and teachings of the Sirah of the noble Prophet pbuh, the class is very rich and engaging. The children's innate love of learning and curiosity at that age, is beautifully fed and nurtured through a mix of fun educational and engaging activities all packed within a spiritual medium through a wonderful educator who gives a beautiful class where kids absorb all she has to offer with much ease than classes that offer routine recitations and sole memorization. This class is very enriching to Jannah's education of the Arabic and Islamic culture and religion. Samar, Researcher, City College of New York of CUNY. 2012
We feel very lucky to have found Enjoy Islam classes , and that our children Hana (age 5) and Faiz (age 3) are students, now in the Advanced Young Children class. Enjoy Islam truly makes learning and acquiring a deep spiritual and historical knowledge of Islam, an enjoyable experience. We really appreciate the moderate and compassionate interpretation of the religion, a focus on Islamic culture, art and architecture, music and manners in addition to teaching the Qur'an, Arabic and fundamentals of the religion. The children really adore the kindness and love they experience in these classes. Enjoy Islam has also succeeded in forming a wonderful community from around the world. Whether one is a religious Muslim or not, we felt it was important for our children to be educated about Islam, to feel proud of their religion and their identity, and to become better human beings through their study of Islam. Enjoy Islam's classes are clearly helping them to achieve this goal. Durre, Parent, 2012
Our daughter Aisha has been a student of Enjoy Islam classes  for years. She is now in the Teen's Class. We appreciate the kind and deliberate approach to Islamic religious studies. Enjoy Islam embodies the unique qualities of imparting spiritual knowledge, with compassion and cultivating a love of learning. We are thankful to Enjoy Islam for helping with our child’s spiritual guidance. We recognize that this is a life long journey but that the guides we choose remain our responsibility. We will continue our classes with Enjoy Islam. Lubna New York City, 2012

Segment of a handmade velvet Prayer Carpet . Photo: Maissa Hamed ©

I started Enjoy Islam classes as a lost, distraught, insecure person with almost all facets of my life in disarray. Enjoy Islam has brought me to the faith I was supposedly born into, reintroduced it in a foundation of love and made it approachable in a modern, relatable, and even artistic manner applicable to our everyday lives. These classes have unlocked the true humanity, sincerity, and peace of Islam. A religion of love and goodness. They have served as a guide to a healthy, pious, and genuinely “good” lifestyle. Throughout my experience I have faced even tougher hardships than those which drove me to these classes to begin with, but with the guidance and knowledge learnt, I have been blessed with the inner peace, assurance, and trust to accept or deal with all of them. I have bettered all aspects of my life following this guidance. I strongly encourage anybody seeking knowledge and guidance to join these classes. The Founder is not just a scholar and teacher of Islam, she is also a friend, mother, and a member of our family leading my transformation to a better person and thus a better Muslim. Anonymous, 2023

I have been attending Enjoy Islam classes for over two years now and have found them very interesting. Time is taken to explain how might religious injunctions apply to our daily lives in an easy and non-judgmental way. I find the classes spiritually uplifting. Highly recommend them!  Unaizah 2019

Having attended Enjoy Islam's Arabic Adults Intensive class and studied languages previously, I can sincerely say that I have learned the most from this class, and will hopefully continue to. The bespoke approach, drawing on a number of different learning techniques and sources, means that as a student you are exposed to the language in a very comprehensive way, and as such really feel immersed in it. By teaching the language through poetry, videos, the necessary grammar, dialogue impersonations and much more, you feel very encouraged to get out there and start speaking, which I started doing after just a few weeks of being taught. The practice of repetition, and always looking over what was covered in previous lessons, means that you are revising and building on the language week on week, and none of it really ever feels like work. In these lessons I have learned much more than just the language itself, but much much about the Arab culture, Islamic calligraphy, tradition and much more, all of which are very much alive in Arabic. Enjoy Islam's lessons are a weekly appointment I always look forward to. Kelly Signorelli, University College London. 2014

One of my reasons for moving to the Middle East was to learn Arabic and as soon as I moved here, I attended classes but felt very little benefit from the lessons. I searched for alternative classes and tutors for quite some time until someone recommended Enjoy Islam. I started the course Arabic Adults Intensive, and in just two lessons I had already learnt a tremendous amount through a very professional approach, following up what has been covered in each lesson as well as homework to consolidate learning. Enjoy Islam uses different methods to add variety to the lessons in a passionate teaching approach. The lessons are much more than simply conversational Arabic and with an immense amount of knowledge about the language, religion and culture, Enjoy Islam often includes background readings to help gain a deeper understanding. What I find most unique and have enjoyed above all is the spiritual dimension of the classes. We always begin with a recitation of a beautiful hadith, which provides an oasis of calm at the end of a hectic day! They are interwoven with the love of the blessed Prophet, peace and blessings upon Him and it would be very difficult to find this elsewhere. Iffat Aslam, Primary School Teacher. 2014

One of the major attributes of Enjoy Islam is the interdisciplinary approach to learning. An introduction to the historical context of the Arab world, even before the birth of Prophet  Muhammad (PBUH), set the stage for the Prophet's arrival. Enjoy Islam presented helpful secondary sources while also guiding our hands at calligraphy, bringing academics and art together. Assigned readings from the Qur'an were discussed along with study materials relating to the Hadiths. Content, stories, parables, etiquette and lifestyle were brought to light and talked about. The students were given rituals that were practiced during each class, lending the spiritual and sacred aspects of Islam. The older, advanced group had many ways to experience and absorb the religion and culture of Muslims. There was always an atmosphere of reverence, yet great anticipation was shown about topics that mature students need to keep the enthusiasm alive. Leadership in bringing an understanding of Islam to our global neighbors developed alongside a student's personal relationship to the messages in the Qur'an. Anonymous. New York City, 2013

I was a student in the Adult Introductory Enjoy Islam course in the spring of 2010 and received not only Arabic lessons but a fuller understanding of the culture and rich history behind the beautiful language. Each lesson takes on a spiritual aspect as well, learning about the Ahadith, the Qur'an, and chanting its verses. It is a wonderful way to learn a language and I do wish I can continue more deeply in the future, as I would like to return to the Middle East and be able to converse intelligently with the people of the region. I could not have asked for a better introduction to the beauty of Arabic. Sherry, Former Violin Teacher, Rudolf Steiner School, New York. 2012

Upon starting the Arabic Adults Intensive summer course, I was expecting to get a small head start in my college Arabic classes by learning the basics of the alphabet, a little vocabulary, and maybe even some grammar. However, I can truly say that I have learned so much more. Not only has Enjoy Islam helped me to master the alphabet, huge amounts of vocabulary, and complex grammatical rules, but it has also brought me to a level where I can write in Modern Standard Arabic and converse in colloquial Arabic fairly easily after just a few weeks. Beyond this, it has taught me so much about the culture of Arabic countries, which I now know is so much a part of the language. Through Ahadith, stories, songs, poetry, and calligraphy, we have gone far beyond just the basics of Arabic, and immersed ourselves completely into the culture. This unique aspect of the course was so important for me because it kept me from feeling as if I was doing tedious work. By learning the language in this manner of complete immersion, I was able to absorb it and enjoy it so much more than if I had learned it straight from a textbook. Enjoy Islam made the experience of learning Arabic fun, dynamic, engaging, and personal, which is something that I could not have gotten from anywhere else. Carolyn, Duke University. 2012

I attended the Enjoy Islam Advanced Adults class as I wanted to learn to read and understand particular surahs from the Qur'an. We focused on Surat Yaseen, the heart of the Qur'an. I was provided with detailed spiritual interpretations of the verses, historical context and explanation of the words as well as the grammar underlying the Arabic language and the Qur'anic text. I was given detailed homework assignments tailored to hone areas where I needed most work. As a result, I was not only able to learn to recite Yaseen and appreciate its meaning but also develop the skills to follow other surahs from the Qur'an. I am grateful for Enjoy Islam's guidance in helping me in my journey to better understand and appreciate the beauty of the Qur'an. Rashid, Yale University. 2010

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