Kufic Script, Al Quran: "Truthful is God Most Magnificent and His Noble Messenger, Muhammad", peace and blessings be upon him. Sultan Hassan Mosque, Cairo, 1356-9

You are all invited to the fall season of classes starting the 2nd week of September. For further information about our live and or our Skype classes kindly email mhamed@enjoyislam.net.

Islamic Calligraphy, Sulus Script, Mohamed Hasan, for enjoyislam.net © 2010
"Kun" Fa Yakun, "Be" and it is. Indeed the matter for Him, if He wished anything, is to say to it: “Be” and it is.  (Holy Quran: 36:82). Translation: Hamid and Hamed, Meaning of The Holy Quran Translated into English. For ordering your copy please email mhamed@enjoyislam.net.