Kufic Script, Al Quran: "Truthful is God Most Magnificent and His Noble Messenger, Muhammad", peace and blessings be upon him. Sultan Hassan Mosque, Cairo, 1356-9

Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, was the inspiration for the Enjoy Islam Stories by Children for Children.

Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, showed us the best way to develop a loving relationship with Allah, Subhana wa taalaa, SWT, Exalted be He, through the development of good character and adab, manners. He showed us, through his beautiful example. He was the most generous hearted of men, the noblest of them in lineage. In speech, he was the most truthful. In dealing with people he was the most kind, the most honest and the most honourable. With his guests he was the most generous. Everybody who saw him or knew him, was in awe of him, and couldn’t help but love him. Anyone who would describe him would say, I never saw, before him or after him, the like of him, peace and blessings be upon him. Even his bitterest enemies once they knew him, loved him, and hence their hearts were transformed for ever, as he had a transformative effect on those who came in contact with him, simply by being who he was, as Allah, SWT described him in the Quran as “mercy to the universe” (Holy Quran 21:107, Al Anbiyaa, The Prophets).

His words became a science, the science of Hadith – which are short stories traced all the way back to the time of the Prophet, pbuh. Those hadith form a most elaborate body of literature containing his words, sayings, teachings, and exemplary behaviour and adaab, mannerisms relating to all occasions and circumstances.

Our love for him, makes us attempt to follow in all our actions and deeds, his inspirational words and pious example. We try to emulate his beautiful character in our daily lives. In enjoy Islam classes, for children and adults, Muslims and Non Muslims, we learn about Prophet Muhammad’s, pbuh, noble example through our study of his Sira, life story, including our study of the hadith combined with our study of the Quran, as the two most authoritative sources for moral, ethical and spiritual guidance for all believers. One day, the Sahaba, companions, came to Sayida Aisha, the Prophet’s wife, May God be pleased with her, and asked her “tell us how the Prophet was like?” She told them “read the Quran and you will know, he was a walking Quran,” he embodied in everything he said and did the principles and the teachings of the Quran, he lived by them every moment of his life, pbuh.

Selected hadith: Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, said and taught us that:

“The most complete in faith are those best in character and kindest to their families.” narrated by At-Tirmidhi.

"Do you think that if there was a river at the door of one of you and he bathed in it five times a day, there would remain any dirt upon him?' They said: 'No dirt would remain on him.' He said: 'That is how it is with the five daily prayers, through them God washes away the sins." related by Bukhari and Muslim.

”He will not enter Paradise whose neighbor is not secure from his wrongful conduct.” narrated by Abu Huraira in Sahih Muslim.

"When a person dies, his/her deeds come to an end, except in respect to three matters he/she leaves behind: a continuous charity, knowledge from which benefit is derived, and righteous pious children who will pray for him/her." related by Muslim & Ahmad.

Children of enjoy islam after having been exposed to the treasures of wisdom and the fountain of mercy and kindness, that come from the study of the prophet's, pbuh, sira and hadith, were asked to use their imaginative powers and creative writing skills to come up with story gems for the younger enjoy islam children to enjoy in the form of puppet shows with the title “Enjoy Islam Stories by children for children”!

In the process, enjoy islam children reflected on the beautiful traditions and Adaab, mannerisms, of Islam that they carry in their hearts and which came to fruition in the stories they crafted with minimal guidance for the younger ones to enjoy and learn from. Enjoy islam children also learned how to bring their stories to life through being trained in the art of puppeteering and staging their performances using our enjoy islam handmade puppets combined with our natural play materials.

We invite you to enjoy their Seven Stories. “Enjoy Islam Stories by Children for Children”