Kufic Script, Al Quran: "Truthful is God Most Magnificent and His Noble Messenger, Muhammad", peace and blessings be upon him. Sultan Hassan Mosque, Cairo, 1356-9

Spiritually profound, infused by timeless Islamic wisdoms delicately woven with lyrical rhythmic beauty and often nostalgic, are these forty transformative Sufi poems that make up this anthology by the same author of The Last Night of Ramadan. Trained in Sufism - the mystical tradition of Islam - the poet brings to blossom the inner workings of the soul as it transcends and transforms along the spiritual path of Love. Powerful in their mystical teachings and practical in their relevance to contemporary life, these poems and their subtle spiritual messages are a shimmering light that guides readers of all ages on their journeys in search for a meaningful spiritual existence in an increasingly materialistic world. The anthology is steeped in the sublime message of love brought by the Holy Qur'an and the deep-seated wisdoms of the sayings Ahadith of Prophet Muhammad, Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him (pbuh). The glossary at the end is a gift of knowledge - defining various Arabic terms used in the text as a glimpse into the heart of Islam as a spiritual tradition.