Kufic Script, Al Quran: "Truthful is God Most Magnificent and His Noble Messenger, Muhammad", peace and blessings be upon him. Sultan Hassan Mosque, Cairo, 1356-9

Love of Muhammad

Children of Enjoy Islam’s input to the Moulid Celebration, in honour of The birthday of the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him:

Mariam Girl, Age: 12 I think we are studying the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, PBUH, because his life sets an example for the way we should live today. Prophet Muhammad, PBUH, was a modest, caring, and generous man whose goal was to help other people and spread the message of Allah, Subhana wa tala (SWT). Even though he was the leader of a great nation, he put his needs aside for those of the poor. We learn many of his teachings in hadiths, which are stories telling you about his life. In each hadith, there is an example of him doing good deeds and spreading the word of Allah. He did not force Islam upon the people around but he instead showed them the path and they chose for themselves. He is a great example for the way people should live.

Zain Boy, Age: 12 We are studying the sirah or life story of Prophet Muhammad, PBUH, so that we learn from him and do like him. I feel proud that I am a Muslim and a follower of Prophet Muhammad, PBUH.

Noor Boy, Age: 9 We are studying the story of the Prophet, PBUH, because we are learning his Sunnah, (hadiths) and the story of Islam. I feel blessed and happy. It is very good for all of us to learn our religion the right way. I feel that I am living at the time he was living when we attend enjoy islam.

Zakariya Boy, Age: 7 We are studying the sirah of Rasul Allah, PBUH, so we can learn about our Prophet. I am happy because I am learning about our Prophet, PBUH.

Zain Boy, Age: 10 We are studying the sirah of Rasul Allah, PBUH because we can learn what to do when we are in situations, so we look back and pray to God so we can fix those problems and situations. I thank God that we are here to have life and spend it well and we can thank Him for giving us what we have. I feel good about it.

Adam Boy, Age: 12 Studying the sirah of Rasul Allah, PBUH, will help us become more like him and get closer to Allah SWT. I am happy because I am able to learn more about the Prophet, PBUH and become more like him.

Eman Girl, Age: 12 I think we are studying the sirah of Rasul Allah, because later on in life we can use these morals from these times and use them in the real life because we believe in Allah and are Muslims.

Zeinab Girl, Age: 12 We are learning about the sirah so we can learn about the life of Prophet Muhammad, PBUH, so we can be more like him. I also think we are learning about him to know more about his life and what 570 AD was like for him. I think it is important to know the details of Prophet Muhammad’s life, how he lived and all things that happened to him.

Dannah Girl, Age: 10 Learning about the best of Allah’s creations has been a wonderful experience for me. So many things come to mind when someone mentions the Prophet Muhammad PBUH. I have really enjoyed learning about him. He is an amazing role model. He was an outstanding seal of the prophets. I think that the importance of this study on Prophet Muhammad PBUH is to learn about his lifestyle and adopt it into our own life. I also think that we are doing this to learn about the history of our religion.

Zahra Girl, Age: 10 We are studying the sirah of Rasul Allah because as Muslims, it is important to know about our Prophet Muhammad, PBUH. If we learn about the sirah, then we understand the religion of Islam and how it started. It is important we know about it. The sirah is also good to learn because it is a good lesson. Prophet Muhammad, PBUH is a peaceful man and it is important to learn how to be like him. I think I feel that Prophet Muhammad is wise and trustworthy. Also you can tell he is faithful and follows the five pillars. Muhammad, PBUH, is someone whom if he disliked someone or something, then he would be still calm and not yell, peace and blessings upon him.

Suleiman Boy, Age: 9 I enjoyed reading and learning about the origin of Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) family and I liked doing the comprehension sheets. We are learning about the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) because it is telling us all the great things the prophets have done and it must have been tough for them to give us the message of Allah. It was hard for him, so we should be following what he's done. Learning about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) teaches us to pay attention to praying and if we go to a mosque we should actually pay attention because learning about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) you should be thinking about yourself and making yourself as good as him. You should use the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as an example of how you should live your own life. I enjoy learning about Allah, SWT Who created the Quran and how all the prophets would give the message of Allah over the centuries. If you really read the Quran you learn all the stories in it -- in one of the surah's we learned it told us that the Quran is our guide to life. It is amazing how Allah, SWT, has made everything everywhere. Learning about all this really amazes me.

Yusuf Boy, Age: 9 We are studying the story of Prophet Muhammad, because we obey Prophet Muhammad, PBUH and we need to follow his teachings. His teachings help in everyday life to know what is right and what is wrong. For example he teaches us to work together, and I follow this when I play soccer. I feel happy and honored to study about our prophet, PBUH, who brought mercy to all man kind.

Iman Girl, Age: 6 We should all follow Prophet Muhammad, Peace and blessings upon him.

Samir Boy, Age: 5 Sayidouna (our Master) Muhammad, PBUH is the best example for the people of the world to follow.