Kufic Script, Al Quran: "Truthful is God Most Magnificent and His Noble Messenger, Muhammad", peace and blessings be upon him. Sultan Hassan Mosque, Cairo, 1356-9

In an attempt to contribute towards the advancement of knowledge, peace, tolerance and understanding among the global community, Founders of Enjoy Islam have been inspired to produce the Enjoy Islam Book Series -- an educational creative series of literary works with the objective of cultivating a true understanding and knowledge of Islam and Muslims -- devoid of any misconceptions. The series is an excellent medium for western families who wish to understand and learn about Islam and the Muslim culture and civilization through an examination of the historical, religious, spiritual and social significance of Islamic celebrations observed by Muslims throughout the year. It is also a great medium to reinforce what Muslim children may already know about their own faith. Throughout the series, we attempted to highlight similarities that bond believers of all faiths while putting particular stress on commonalities between the three Abrahamic faiths -- Judaism, Christianity and Islam.